Destination: Liquid Sunshine

Operation FizZ!

Operation FizZ! is a collision of painting, sunshine, fantastic landscapes and an adrenaline rush. An array of sporting equipment was made entirely out of acrylic paint and then tested out in the field.  The glorious meltdown of the painterly componentry was captured in video and photography to document the ‘painting expedition’ as it took place. These works are designed to act as living brushes which kinetically engage with landscape, where the gestural trails created aspire towards a new form of action painting.

Early Works

In this series of paint skin sculptures, familiar domestic objects and scenes from the workplace have been collapsed to offer a comic re-evaluation of world around us. The deflated works have been created by painting over everyday objects with many layers of acrylic and then peeling the paint off to leave soft hollow paint skin chrysalises’. The works are flexible and fatigue into their own comfortable equilibriums. Conceptually the works open up an interesting dialogue between absence and presence, as the paint skin partially holds the form of the previous object, but at the same time encases a void of where the object once was.